strange dream

I woke up this morning slightly shaken but also confused. The dream I had was so vivid and it was something I’m quite sure I haven’t dreamt of before. It involved a mouse and some weird science.

From what I can recall, the dream took place at my house. I saw one of those glue mouse traps on the kitchen floor and while I was conversing with some guy, I can’t remember who it was, a tiny mouse walks onto the trap. Instead of throwing out the trap like one would normally do, we just left it there. A short time after I look back at the trap and the mouse is gone! I didn’t even have to look around the kitchen to see where it went because something really disturbing caught my eye. The mouse turned into an elephant. It wasn’t a full grown elephant, it was like an elephant-toddler hybrid. I imagine this being like the second stage after a Pokemon evolves, just awkward until it reaches it’s final form. The elephant child wasn’t entirely scary but it just left me feeling uncomfortable. It didn’t make any noises but followed me around my house. I knew I had to get rid of this elephant, so I did what I usually do when looking for answers… Internet searches! I found a couple animal hospitals in my city and I frantically began driving around to find some help. The first animal hospital I went to had a huge sign above the reception desk that read “We are currently out of Elephant Syska. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Side note: I have no idea why I dreamt up the word syska and made that the name of the medicine/poison. The second animal hospital actually had what I needed. I was instructed to crush up the pills and mix it into food for the elephant. This needed to be done twice in order for the elephant to be put down. Once I got home I immediately started mixing the crushed pills with some food, the food turned this really bright blue color. It was a glowing blue. After I fed the elephant twice, I sat at home just waiting for something to happen. The next day rolls around and I wake up to no elephant in my house. I search all over and can’t find it. Now this was strange, how did an elephant child thing just disappear? It’s not like I could misplace something like that. Well in the kitchen I see that glue trap I never threw out and there’s a tiny mouse stuck to it again, this time it’s dead. Within my dream I even thought I was dreaming and that’s the last thing I remember before waking up.

That dream is still puzzling to me now, hence why I’m even writing about it. I know this dream must have some kind of meaning behind it. After a quick search I read a few different takes on dreaming about mice and they mostly revolved around anxiety. Like the mouse represents something bothering me in my life, whether it be my unhappiness with a certain situation I’m in, an upcoming event that I’m worried about, or just something I really want to change but haven’t yet. What I’m trying to make sense of is the whole mouse evolving into an elephant of sorts. Could that mean my anxiety about something is growing? I found a way to get rid of the elephant, so I guess that could be interpreted as me taking charge and knocking down those worries. At the same time I didn’t really feel scared of the elephant child, it was certainly uncomfortable to have around, so I handled it. Maybe I’m reading into this dream a little too much and it could just be some strange story with no meaning.

Has anyone ever had a strange dream that they can clearly recall like this? I want to know!

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