fifty shades of mkay!

Wednesday night, I watched Fifty Shades of Grey. I know there has been tons of buzz over this film and the book series over its “controversial” story line which includes topics that touch upon the BDSM world. It is understandable why a large population is outraged by the series because when something like BDSM relationships are labeled as “taboo” in our society, this film and book series is going against that grain. What people should keep in mind is that the relationship depicted in this series may not necessarily hold true in actual BDSM relationships, this is some rushed version that excludes many details. Nevertheless, I personally enjoyed this film.


Jamie Dornan as the handsome, young, and megalomaniacal billionaire, Christian Grey, was a great choice. He was not the actor I pictured when I first heard the series was going to have a movie adaptation, but he played the role well. Doesn’t hurt that the man is handsome. Throughout the film he was entirely convincing, his movements, expressions, and general presence sold me on believing his character. Dakota Johnson also played a pretty convincing Anastasia Steele. I pictured Anastasia as someone who looked a tad younger than Dakota, but it worked for me. The other actors cast were either huge hits in my opinion or extreme misses.

The overall plot of the film followed along with the first book in the trilogy, but as expected there was a good amount of the plot not included or just completely altered. I’ve read plenty of books that have had film adaptations to follow and it’s hard to compare the two, especially when you create this image in your mind of how things would play out visually. So, I’m fine with the film as a whole, but it could have used some additions to the plot that were included in the book.

For example, Anastasia doesn’t have a job after graduation in the film or at least I don’t recall there being any mention of her attending a job interview at a publishing company. In the book series, her having a job opens up a new set of problems that carries on into the other books. This makes me wonder if she’s suddenly going to have a job in the next film or will this story line disappear. No creepy boss, Jack, with loads of issues and some misplaced hate for Christian? No unnecessary email conversations at work between Christian and Anastasia when she clearly has a phone? Her not having a job made it feel like all she did was spend every waking moment with Christian… so I guess I can see why someone could misconstrue the nature of their relationship. Hopefully this is added into the next film, if there is one.

Let’s move onto the timeline of events in the film. It was slightly hard for me to keep up with what was going on since certain scenes just didn’t add up. From what I recall it looked like Anastasia and Kate moved to Seattle before graduating, Ana arrives home from being with Christian and a tech guy is already setting up her laptop for her, her bug was already gone when she was gifted the Audi, and that’s only what I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there were plenty more scenes that didn’t follow along with the book’s timeline. If I hadn’t read the series I wouldn’t even care that these events occurred in some alternate order, but having read them it seems like the changes were unnecessary. It felt like many of the scenes were rushed, as if they were trying to cram anything they could just to get by. I can obviously fill in the blanks, but if someone hasn’t read the series they might be cheated out of some scenes that make sense of the bigger events that follow. Then again, I’m wicked picky when it comes to continuity.

ugh. Speaking of continuity, whomever was the script supervisor needs to get it together. I’m big on detail and if I can notice some error in continuity within a scene the first time viewing it, that’s just not okay.

I’m definitely picking this film apart and could do so even more but I still don’t dislike it. I enjoy the plot, the main characters were incredible, the scoring of the film was perfect, the visuals were captivating, and I see room for major improvement for any following films. I’m sure that I will watch the movie again and I think that others shouldn’t be so quick to write this movie off just because the subject may not be entirely favorable. I don’t know how many of my friends have said that they expected it to be one long soft core porn, people were definitely exaggerating and hyped up this film to be something it definitely wasn’t. But hey, if this isn’t your cup of tea, it’s okay.

If you did watch the movie, I’d love to know your opinion on it, so feel free to leave a comment.

Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful human beings of the internet! ❤️